Upcoming – ‘Understanding Earthquakes’ – Tuesday 1st May

May Science Cafe flyer - Understanding Earthquakes

Free to attend and all are welcome, just come along on the night!

One thought on “Upcoming – ‘Understanding Earthquakes’ – Tuesday 1st May

  1. John Jones says:


    I am enquiring about the possibility of giving a talk at the science cafe. A speculative title would be The realms of the Human Unconscious. The subject matter will be be taken from the work of Dr. Stanislav Grof. Grof has written many books including Beyond the Brain – Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychology, and recently The Holotropic Paradigm Shift.

    I trained with Grof in the 90’s in the workshops that he ran at that time in America. I have two degrees (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and an MA in Philosophy recently completed at Cardiff University.

    The talk would include a Powerpoint presentation and, I believe, would be stimulating and challenging. I can discuss beforehand the particulars at your convenience.

    John Jones

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