Science Cafe is back on 1st October, 7pm

Here are all the details of the first Science Cafe of the year – we hope to see you there.

Science Café: Cryptography linked to Sudoku
Dr Sian Jones, Technocamps
st October 7.30pm, The Gate Arts Centre, Roath, CF24 3JW
Sudoku is a popular puzzle found in newspapers and puzzle books. The aim of the puzzle is to replace the missing numbers in the grid so that each number appears in every row, column and mini-grid. Sudoku puzzles are interesting to mathematicians because of their structure, and it is believed that there might be many applications of Sudoku type puzzles. One such application is in the field of Cryptography. This talk will show you a method of how we can use Sudoku puzzles to encrypt messages so that they can be sent secretly.
Free to attend; no booking required

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