Science Cafe takes a break

Apologies that we haven’t posted for a while. As you may be aware, the Science Cafe has been struggling with a lack of committee members for some time now. Because of this we have made the decision to give the Cafe a break for the rest of this academic year.

We’re very sorry that we’re not able to continue with the Cafe at the moment but having lost a number of committee members over the last couple of years the organisation of events has become unsustainable for the remaining members. A call for new committee members late last year did result in some interest but unfortunately not enough to cover the number of roles which needed to be filled.

If new committee members can be found then the team would be keen to discuss ways in which the Cafe could be restarted for the next academic year. If you’re interested in joining the committee, or have any suggestions for the running of the Cafe, please contact us at

Best wishes
Science Café Cardiff Committee

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